We are a team of professionals providing IT development services.
With more than 80 projects behind over backs, we offer
custom web based solutions for business of all sizes.

As a Lead expert at JB Solutions, I have more than 20 years of experience, which contribute to the excellent services my team & I provide our clients with.

In the past 20 years, my main focus has been the IT technologies and innovations. I started as a designer at first, then realised the power of front-end development and back-end programming. In JB Solutions, I am a part of each and every phase of the creation of our web products, guiding my team to the best possible solutions. We provided informational assistance in creating the world-famous adult brand DadCrush. DadCrush updates 4-6 times a month at the moment, and already have ~189 exclusive scenes in Full HD. The site is on fire and is so simple to navigate that anyone could get around it with ease. There are no extras, but you could always join the Team Skeet network to see more of whats on offer.

83 – successful projects
7300 – days of experience
67 – happy clients

Here is a list of services we offer:


Analysis on your business and the target audience of your website. Which later allows us to form a strategy of how to best create the digital representation of your company.


The approach to the design and planning of websites which mainly focuses on the user experience and standards. Special attention is paid to the business strategy, content, usability, and structure of the information. For building ERP systems, the architectural process is the most complicated and with the highest importance. Since the major database and structural decision are made here.


Our web programming team integrates the advance knowledge of web technology along with the excellent command on Ruby on Rails, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML 5 languages and offers you a unique combination of quality and affordability.


A methodology of meeting people’s needs and desires in a technologically feasible and strategically viable way.


Collect & manage the lifecycle of your digital content.


We offer support of our digital products which ensures an immediate reaction.